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  • A requisition may be raised by the start-up/Business by filing a requisition form for registration on the Platform;
  • The Platform shall confirm the requisition of the start-ups after conducting necessary diligence, as required by the Platform to do start-up accreditation, and thereafter the start-up shall be registered on the Platform. In this regard, the start-up may be required to furnish certain necessary documents/ information for enabling the Platform to complete the verification and accreditation process
  • Pursuant to the registration, the start-ups shall provide their profile and details of funds required to be raised for approval by the Platform;
  • The Getinvestment.com Platform may either approve the details provided by the start-up or may provide necessary suggestions/ recommendations on case to case basis;
  • Pursuant to the registration of the start-up and approval by the Platform, the start-ups shall be connected to the investors; and
  • Depending upon the interest and requirements of the investors, the process for fundraising in the start-ups may be initiated.

Documentation For Signing Up

  • Requisition and/or registration form for registering will have to be filledby the Investors.
  • Documents for back-end diligence of the start-ups including issuance of necessary KYC forms and such other forms to complete the accreditation process; will have to be provided by the Start Up/ Business owner
  • Legal paperwork, as may be necessary, for verifying the legality and veracity of the information and documents submitted by the start-up to the Platform;
  • Relevant and necessary disclaimers will be provided by Get Investment for limiting its liability and scope of work in the proposed transaction;
  • Other Such Documents will have  to be executed between the registered start-up and Get Investment, containing the terms, conditions, requirements, practices, policies, procedures, processes and disclaimers provided by the Platform.
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